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Physical Security Assessments

Our thorough 96 point assessment identifies safety and security risks in order to develop comprehensive solutions that will  increase your companies overall physical security.  This ensuring the safety and protection of your staff and other assets.

Continuity Of Operations Planning

Ensure your Primary Mission Essential Functions continue to operate as close to pre-incident levels throughout any incident, emergency or disaster with the creation of a comprehensive COOP plan.  This service starts with a detailed threat and hazard assessment, creates a playbook to minimize essential function interruptions and pre-stages solutions for complex logistical issues. 

Emergency Operations Planning

Ensure OSHA compliance, mount a timely and effective response that minimizes loss of life and property damage, and increase the survivability of operational capabilities by creating a Emergency Operations Plan!


Emergency Operations Plans mitigate damage, ensure rapid recovery and increased response by pre-identifying immediate actions by specified personnel in response to common local threats, hazards and events.  

Active Assailant Training

Active Assailant Training (AKA Active Shooter) services incorporate a blended learning approach which covers increasing situational awareness, appropriate immediate response actions, first aid under fire and much more.

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