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Adult/Child and Infant resuscitation mask
  • Adult/Child and Infant resuscitation mask


    High quality CPR requires quality compressions.  Ensure your respirations count by using a pop-up resusitation mask!


    This package includes 2 masks which collapse into a compact package that easily fits into a back pocket, purse,  glove box or first aid bag.  This package can also be clipped onto key rings or other fasteners by its plastic carabiner, or strapped to a bag, backpack accessory ring, handle and more via the velcro strap.    This package comes with 2 masks pop-up resuscitation masks that fits adults, children, and infants; covering their mouth and nose, promoting effective respirations and higher pulse oxygen saturation numbers.  Included one-way valve protects both the rescuer and injured person from potentially dangerous and unwanted pathogens, enabling increased personal protective capabilities.


    Each mask comes with:

          - Soft nylon zippered carrying case with plastic carabiner and velcro strap attachement options

          - 2 sanitizing alcohol pads  

          - 1 one-way valve 

          - 1 pair latex free gloves

          - 1 CPR instruction card

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