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Emergency Management for the Whole Community

Incidents and disasters begin and end locally.  As a result, it is the local communities that  feel the effects of emergencies during and most importantly, after an event occurs.

This is why it is EMP2C's mission to  empower clients to be prepared for, respond to, and recover from incidents or disasters that can occur in everyday life, or once in a lifetime . 


We utilize years of experience in a blended, whole community approach, to implement our exceptional management consulting skills.  Identifying problems and providing solutions that make the community as resilient as possible when faced with adversity in the form of natural, technological, and man-made incidents, emergencies and disasters.  

EMP2C provides innovative strategies and results for our clients so they never find themselves unprepared!

Prepare Yourself

Prepare your Family

Protect your Business

Our Services

Our Services

In depth assessments and discussions where we listen to your concerns, help to identify your needs and create a plan that meets your needs for businesses and individuals

Get certified to respond through our training courses!  Stop arterial bleeding, provide first aid, give the breath of life! 

Be prepared for immediate response with our sleek and comprehensive kits!

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Educational presentations for schools, senior centers, and the general public about Emergency Management and Preparedness

Reviews and Test



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